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Without You

Without You, by Hillevi Söder

September 2018


Printed Book: 978-91-88105-28-8

E-Book: 978-91-88105-29-5

Audiobook: None yet

Language: Swedish

62 pages


A mother’s story about her child’s suicide and the time that followed, about sadness, health problems and messages from the other side, but also about moving on to life and fulfilling dreams.

From the book:

On Monday it was time to visit the funeral office. Just after we had settled in the room, the lights went out for a short while, just like when we were talking to the therapist. Maybe it was a sign …

The visit there was the worst step so far. Imagine choosing a coffin for your child! It felt completely surreal. I was terrible and had difficulty crying. We sat there for three hours to decide what the ad would look like, what newspapers it would be published in, what coffin we should have, cremation or earth burial, when we chose cremation we would also choose the ones, which flowers should be on the coffin, where he would get his last resting place, where, when and how the funeral should go to, etc. The last thing we did not succeed with, as the actual churches only take about 140 visitors and we thought there would be many more. The funeral agency promised to check options and we would do that too, so we would be talking again later this week.


Annika Ekengren

Score 4/5

Without You, November 3rd, 2018


A book with a high recognition factor for us who suffered in the same way as the author ie forced to continue to live "without you". It can feel extra heavy if you also lose your child in suicide. The author, however, tells his story in a straightforward way without embroidering it with extra sensitivity, which appeals to me because I find it difficult to read descriptions that feel too sentimental.

The author also describes how sorrow affects us not only psychologically but also settles in the body and causes long-term problems and illness.

A book worth reading also because it shows that it is possible to find a new path in life and the new road is lined with various things which, after all, make a continued life worth living. That life can be pretty good after all if anything else.

Read if you are afflicted or if you are not to get an insight into how life is and can become for us who miss the dearest we have. Our beloved kids.


Jennies boklista 27th December 2018

Score: 3 of 5

The first sentence of the book:

Friday, October 22, 2010, my son Daniel came to my house to leave the car he had borrowed.

About the book:

A mother's story about her child's suicide and the time that followed, about grief, health problems, messages from the other side, but also about moving forward with life and fulfilling dreams.

My opinion:

Striking & Strong!



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