Upp och Ner

     Upside Down

Upside Down, by Charlotte Hector

May 2018


Printed book: Coming 2020

E-Book: 978-91-88105-08-0

Audiobook: None yet

English version of E-Book coming 2020!

This book is about a lot of pain and hatred, something that many people have in themselves.

It describes emotions during hard days of life. But also how everything suddenly can change, a big change in tiny steps.

You’re not alone.

One day at a time.

Small steps.

A small step is always a big step forward.

Book reviews


5 stars

Anni, May 19, 2018

What an awesome author! Great cartoon and everything is so well described. You get into the book and feel the feelings in a way that is otherwise difficult to explain.

Master the power of the words

5 stars
Agnetha Elisabeth Lundebring Jönsson, May 17, 2018
To put words on how bad you feel is not easy, but Charlotte can really put weight and feeling behind every word. There are very few words used but still manage to get me out of balance as it is not something I had expected. I can highly recommend it.


I started reading this little poetic pearl today and couldn't stop until I finished. So incredibly good, the words swayed my entire existence and the eternal text landed heavily just below the left clavicle ❤ Charlotte Hector writes and illustrates dot-proof and griping about life's agony and anxiety. This is a book I will return to more times.

"A collection of all emotions for a time in the dark when all the lights were off, and I couldn't find the light button ..."

Rating: 5/5


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