Some opinions about Lange Forlag and our lecturers. All reviews are anonymous with respect to the author.

“Thank you, Linda, for your amazingly nice response and a professional opinion which led to my book being given YES for publication.
Thank you also for your dedication and interest as you have shown.”

“Thank you, Linda Svendsen, for your comprehensive booklet!
You have really gone through my text in depth, and it feels so professional and absolutely wonderful. I will get started and work immediately. You don’t understand how much I appreciate your commitment and your comments. It feels great to collaborate with someone who sees opportunities instead of difficulties, someone who is also able to manage such a big project. From the very first contact with you at Lange Forlag, I thought that was quite right for me.”

“Professional, honest and developing. Thank you for your dedication, Linda Svendsen!”

“Without your incredibly valuable insight into my script, it would never have been a book about to be released! A thousand thanks!”

“Thanks for the work with my script. I am very pleased with the work.”

“In my vanity, I thought I had written an almost perfect script, but I was deceived. Linda’s professional, educational and incredible skills for the written word were unscrupulous but constructive. Her assessment determined the whole of the future of my book. Previously, I did not understand the short refunds I received from the publishers. But I do now. I now have a book that has a YES for release.”

“Your sensitivity to the text gives confidence and my book could not end up in safer hands! Thank you once again for all the work and all the time you put down on my script. Through Lange publisher, a new door has been opened and given me a lust to keep writing.”

“Lange meets all expectations of a professional book publisher. Our collaboration is characterized by mutual trust, great creativity, and great joy. In particular, I appreciate the response I receive.”

“Thank you very much for the well-done work. The statement is very solid and it appears that you have read the entire script. I have hired other lecturers over the years who have been more expensive and then you got a very feeble statement. Your statement was so much better and even the support you get after the service. I could not have been happier.”

“Great cooperation and very professional small publishers you are at Lange Forlag.”

“Thank you for all the thought and support of my story I received a statement from. It’s amazing that a company can have as much heart as you have. You’re really passionate about people and stories. Absolutely amazing.”

“Why keep searching when Lange Forlag exists, it’s on your website. I agree. You’re the best!”

“What you do and what you deliver is absolutely incredible. Passionate people who take the whole world in their arms.”

“You’re the best!”

“Unbelievably serious and professional cooperation with the gold pen. Functional communication and fast delivery. Feels amazing and thank you for everything!”

“During our collaboration with my script, Linda has shown great commitment and has come up with many possible solutions to the problems we encountered during our joint work with the text. Linda is a very competent editor with excellent attention to detail, she is professional and positive. I can recommend anyone looking for a partner in the publishing industry to contact Linda.”

“Linda has an empathetic way with nice dialogues. I have not published books with her but received support in my writing process. Linda works closely with her authors and makes careful choices. Are you at the beginning and need help, support in the process or want to publish, you can turn to Lange Förlag, a small and personal publisher with a big heart.”

“I will release my debut book at Linda’s publisher, Lange Forlag.
I have had the good and nice treatment and look forward to further cooperation!”

“Linda has taken good care of me as a new writer. She is helpful and professional and I can highly recommend her. I’m looking forward to the release of my book in September.”

“Linda is a true person who proceeds on the history of each unique person.
The interest in stories taken from the life story and life perspective of the little human gets every person she comes into contact with growing … grow and believe in themselves.
To “look” between the lines and beyond the words to “truly” get to know the individual behind all roles of life belongs to Linda’s greatness! “

“I have been involved with Linda since the beginning of this year, 2018 in my own novel project. She has been friendly and cooperative and the partnership feels professional and flexible. I can fully recommend her.”

Oh, you made it all the way down here? We know it’s a lot of references. A lot! We just simply can’t choose between them. They give us the positivity of a lifetime!
Therefore we also want to return a thank you to all the people who took their time to send us these wonderful words. And thank you to all the people we’ve worked with.