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“Te supervenisse!” – “You have arrived!”

Why look any further for someone who can make your dream come true when we at Lange Forlag can do it!

Lange Forlag was founded in 2013 and is a completely independent international publisher that receives and works with manuscripts in Swedish, English, and Danish.

We can offer everything related to book production! We call ourselves an exclusive publisher and have chosen to have a small volume of publishing per year, with a focus on high-quality stories and authors we are passionate about, with the goal of achieving long-term partnerships. Our hope is that when you get a contract with us, you will have a desire to write more and stay with us. We focus on having close, open contacts with all our authors, who we see as equally important, and we are happy to put in the time and commitment for you. We believe that everyone has a story within them, which is worth listening to. Everyone has something to bring to the world! Fiction as non-fiction! With our help and close cooperation between us, your dream can also be realized! That's what we're passionate about!

We offer various services and arrange courses with a focus on publishing scripts. You can also hire us for external services.

We have our own printing house and our own studio.

We publish books that are important and live forever.

Manuscripts are only received by email


We offer all You need to become an author. Our Passion is languages, adventures, creativity, design, photography, history, books, storytelling, and stories. Our Goal is to help You become an Author.

Our Promise is that we are here for You. Let's Write Together and make dreams come true.

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