Updated: Jan 6

Thank you 2021 for all the lessons and welcome 2022.

2021 is almost gone and we say thank you for all the lessons and give a big welcome to a new year and new possibilities.

The year 2021 was hard in many ways for us and for many of you too. But we all made it! We are stronger and wiser than before. We are proud of us and of you. So many things have happened when we look back on the year. Far more stuff than can be written here, good and bad. But here is a few things that have been happening at Langegaard during the year 2021.

We have focused a lot to get everything together for our new Printing business after years of frustrations of printing somewhere else. To take this outside house has not worked for us and we knew that we needed our own printing business, in-house. We were also tired of the long process of printing books with other printers and the long transport it required. So to have it under our own roof made it a shorter process and also much more eco-friendly. Now it is just one shipping for books to be at readers', except for the shipment of paper. We can also choose how the format will look like, what paper we will print on, and above all, we will always have books in stock!

By the end of 2021, we finally had everything we needed for the printing business and we could finally start printing books. Books that still only was released as eBooks.

We worked so hard all year to finish all we had started and also made our dream come true, to have our own printing house. So now we have all under one roof here at Langegaard, a printing house, a publishing house, a shop, and a studio. So we can finally release both eBooks, audiobooks, and printed books. And we will never run of out stock.

We have built a new webpage. Where a better shop is created where you can choose which format you wish to buy and an option for our reviewers so they can order review copies easily and safely. A blog has been created called The Lange Times so we can share reviews, show you behind the scenes, and do other fun stuff. We are looking forward to continuing to make the best webpage we can have.

We have also extended our team. By Sara who works as a translator at us, Lina who is an actress and a narrator for the recording of our audiobooks, and Mattias who will help us read and work with manuscripts, make artwork and also start to blog here at The Lange Times. Mattias is also an author with released books at us and more is coming in 2022! Our amazing Estelle has been a very important asset to Lange Forlag during 2021 as she has always been and will continue her amazing work as an editor and artist with us. We are so very grateful for that. We are so pleased for all of you authors and we can't wait to continue to work with you all. You deserve success and we will do all we can to make that happen for you.

We have partnered up with TreeSisters. Where we plant a tree for every order we sell in our shop. On our annual Write Together release, 100% of the profit of sales will be donated to TreeSisters. We have chosen TreeSisters for their hard and kind work to heal the world and for their care of Mother nature and their visions, ethics, and morals. We share their views. You can read more about them on our webpage.

2022 will be a busy year for us. We have also a bunch of new scripts both from debutants and from already released authors that we have accepted and are going to work with this Spring for release in the year 2023. We are so grateful that Lange Forlag can continue and thank you all readers, reviewers, and authors for 2021. We are so touched that our released books have been so welcomed and loved and that our authors continue to write new books. We are going to print and release all the books that we have released as eBooks, we are going to release our first audiobooks and double down on selling all versions of the books. We have planned all the books that will release for the year 2022. In the video, we have made a little teaser for you on what it looks like. All covers are not done so some books are not in the video and we have a lot of surprises that we can't tell you here. So keep your eyes on this webpage so you don't miss anything. In May 2022 we will reveal which books will be released in 2022. Don't miss that!

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We are looking forward to a great and magical 2022.

Happy New Year and be safe we wish you the best year of your life in 2022.

Team Lange

Linda, Ted, Estelle, Mattias, Sara, Evelina & Lina