Today is our amazing co-worker Estelle's birthday! She is turning 30 years old today!

We are so proud to have such talent in team Lange and we hope our cooperation will be forever. She works as an Illustrator, editor, narrator, and much more at Lange Forlag.

Little more about her:

Illustrator Estelle Sjödahl Lindell (b. 1992) is active in Stockholm and specializes in drawing, watercolor, and oil painting. She holds a Master's degree in History and has also been educated in art science, digital graphics, and photography.

With a special delight in classical European art, Estelle creates works inspired by the past, the mysterious, and the beautiful.

She has for example made the cover of our book "Det började med Barnet", written by Ethel Hedström. The cover and illustrations of our book "Simons äventyr", written by Christina Henricson. She is responsible for illustrations of the book covers and illustrations of our book series "Vasatidens skugga" written by Magnus Rörström Pellgaard. She has worked with the text for our upcoming book "Skönandar" written by Sten Niklasson, "Ögonblick" written by Arne Wester, she is also going to illustrate and work with the text on Åsa Uddhs children's book series about Albin & Knorp.

These are just a few things she has worked with and much more is coming up!

Estelle lives her life in the heart of Stockholm in Sweden with her husband.

We wish you a fantastic birthday dear Estelle and hope it will be a day to remember. We think you are so great and we are proud to have you as a friend and a member of team Lange.

We truly love you sister.

Best wishes from us all in team Lange

PS! Check out the video we made for her on our YouTube channel!