Updated: May 12

Today we want to celebrate Ted & Åsa who both have Birthdays!

One is turning 80 years old! And the other is turning 25 years old!

A big congratulations to them both!

We wish you the best day possible with lots of presents, kisses, and hugs from friends and family. We love you.

Here is a little about Åsa:

Åsa Uddh is a Swedish author, she has her roots in Hälsingland, Sweden. She moved to Stockholm when she was 18, where she married, had two children, and trained as a mechanical engineer.

After several years of work at SJ and after her maternity leave, she retrained as a preschool teacher. She worked for a few years at a preschool in Solna but moved to Visby on Gotland after her divorce. There she worked until her retirement with children of varying ages. Through her profession and her close relationship with her own children and grandchildren, she has gained great insight into children's thinking. She had two more children in a new relationship.

When her daughter, Lina, tragically died, writing became her lifeline. She processes the grief of her beloved daughter. Writing has always been an important part of Åsa's life, but writing her debut book, "I Mellanlandet", took her writing to a new level.

In addition to writing, Åsa walks with her daughter's Samoyed dog Saga. Usually along the sea where thoughts can float freely and new ideas are born.

The whole series about Albin & Knorp will be released here at Lange Forlag.

You can find Åsa on her Instagram & Facebook & Linkedin

Here is a little about Ted:

"Hello there, my name is Ted and I’ve been working at Lange Forlag since January 2014. I can help people with almost anything related to books, scripts, or any other type of text. My favorite part of the job is translating, working with covers, and InDesign to turn your scripts into fully-fledged books!

In my spare time I’ve got quite a few things I like to do; play Airsoft, play online with my friends, create Youtube videos, philosophize, learn basically everything there is to know about history, learn languages (currently Icelandic), work out and develop my personality. Phew, no wonder I’m having trouble managing all that in one day!

I hope this has given you at least a vague idea of who I am, thank you for reading!

Feel free to check out my two youtube channels!

Thorrork Gaming & Thorrork Airsoft

I am also on Facebook & Instagram & Linkedin

I wish you a fantastic day, friend!"