Updated: Feb 9

Do you want to review our books? Great! Just visit our webshop and order for FREE! Easy peasy.

If you have a special need for what format you can review, you can write in the comment section when you order, if you prefer a Printed or Audiobook instead of an eBook. If you don't write what you prefer, an eBook will be sent and after you have done the review you will get a Printed version. But if you prefer another format than eBook we will if possible change the format for your needs.

Note, you have to be a reviewer to be able to get a free review copy. So please write a little about yourself in the comment section. We don't mind how many followers you have, but we would like to see the books on some platforms so to have a social media account or a webpage would be nice, the most important thing is that you do the review. There is no deadline for the review so take your time. You are in no hurry though so don't feel any pressure to read and review fast. You can always get back to us if the book wasn’t your cup of tea. You shall not continue reading books you don’t like. We will send all books manually when an order comes in, both Printed books, eBooks, and Audiobooks. After you read books you are most welcome to leave a review on your platform and here in our shop at the title you have read.

Of course, it is always possible to contact us through our email or in the chat here, or on our social media if you would like to sign up as a reviewer too. We are so grateful for you and your time. Thank you!


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