The story of Nina shows the fate and life of a young woman. About how people in the vicinity of the young Nina cannot grasp her hopeless situation. Nina enters a destructive relationship, with a highly esteemed and socially respected man. A relationship that eventually destroys her. No one is around Nina really wants to believe in what is she says. By a mere coincidence, the chief inspector Stina enters her life. Stina understands this young woman’s struggle, but the legal process becomes complicated. Nina is once again alone. But the chief inspector can’t make herself put this case aside, despite the strained situation during the holiday season at her department.

Nina’s history is an attempt to show a vulnerable woman’s hopeless struggle, which so often ends with the woman alone taking the consequences through the lack of will and desire for understanding by the environment, as well as the strange prejudices that society in general possesses, regarding highly regarded citizens.