Livet är en lek

MAy 2019


Printed book: 9788793779006
E-book: 9788793779013

How many times are you willing to “die” in this life?
You probably won’t find the answer to that question in this book, but it can hopefully act as a “guide” for what is important in life and the time we spend in our body. For Jonas, he means that he took his life more times than what should have been enough before he finally opened his eyes and woke up from the fog and the drama of everyday life that he himself created in a reversible evolution.

Not until Jonas’s own daughter “died” in front of him, he realized that life is happening NOW and nowhere else. Not in yesterday’s performance, nor in the worries of tomorrow. NOW is the gate to the source and in this NOW we find the truth about what we really ARE!

As the boy Santiago in Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist from Andalucia, this book takes you on a recognizable journey through contemporary challenges to eventually land just where you once started – in the Source of everything, within yourself. The book has a deep spiritual message that is impossible to oppose … unless you really struggle! But as the finger pointing toward the moon, the finger is NOT the moon. The finger and the book are only “guides” to our truth about ourselves and what we are in it’s finest essence.

This is Jonas’s open-hearted story about himself to you to reflect on! Jonas was ready for something bigger and far much finer to get into his life … are you?