Linda Svendsen

Hello, my name is Linda! I’m a proud Danish-Swedish woman who is born in Middelfart, Fyn, Denmark as the fourth child in a family of six children.

My father was born in Denmark in 1939 and became a smith like his father. One day he decided to pack his bicycle and drove all the way from Fyn, Denmark to Gothenburg, Sweden to meet a girl. There he met my mother and they settled down in Färjenäs, Gothenburg, got married and had three children, two boys, and one girl, before my father all over again decided to go back with the family to Denmark (This time without the bicycle though). And there is where my scene started! But only a few years later they moved back to Sweden again! Outrageous! There my younger siblings where born. I’ve therefore had a stronger connection to Denmark, compared to my siblings I suppose, and I always felt like I should live in here. So when my parents passed away I moved with my children to Nordjylland, Denmark where we now live.

Everyone knew me as a writer and director in my childhood with a vivid imagination. This was my big passion and still is.

When I finally decided to start my publishing company, Lange Forlag I was determined to not only publish scripts but also help people with their stories. Coaching and helping others with their creativity is very important to me. To hear from a writer who has had their dream come true is the best reward I can possibly get, this why I love this business and get the power to continue even when goings get tough. So the publishing business is just my cup of tea.
And to work with my children in this family business is such a joy and privilege!