Jonas Appelgren

Jonas Appelgren, a genuine Malmöpåg (Citizen of Malmö) who lives together with his wife Marie and their youngest daughter Melinda in Veberöd on the doorstep to Österlen and fantastic Romeleåsen. Jonas is among others a trained Hyposynthesis therapist, Mental Trainer, Conversational therapist, crisis manager in three levels and instructor in conflict management with communication and self-protection at the police academy in Stockholm. The interest in personal development and studies was awakened from their slumber about five years ago after his entire life was turned upside down in a series of personal tragedies, right now he is studying the second year of two to “Soul Coach”. Throughout his adult life, Jonas has worked in leading positions within various organizations such as the school environment, the security industry and as personal protection as an armed bodyguard in different contexts. Jonas is also a Swedish champion in heavyweight boxing with several national matches and has a black belt in kickboxing. The writing and especially his philosophical thoughts have not gained enough space in his life until now when he has celebrated his 49th birthday and debuted with his strong autobiographical novel “Livet är en lek – på blodigt allvar”, roughly “Life is a game – but bloody serious” at Lange Forlag.