Intill 3e och 4e led


ADJACENT 3RD & 4TH GENERATION, by Lars-Gunnar Winsa

Printed book: 9789188105431
E-book: 9789188105448

A novel about Tornedalen, far north in Sweden, and the red-brown strife there during the 30s and 40s, which was replaced by the black-and-white schisms in the 50s and 60s in the author’s home municipality Tärendö. It is a unique portrayal of a taboo topic. Today, when the politicians and others closely involved no longer are alive, this previously so delicate topic is more neutral to enter. It is an exciting novel with fictional romance speeches and fictionalized reality.

The novel also describes how these disruptions affected everyday life in environments where inheritance disputes flourished and where reformist believers met dogmatic Laestadianism. The novel is something of a search for an identity which was lost for the people living in Tornedalen, and which is still fragile. The novel describes everyday life in a small municipality in Tornedalen, the hardships and gender roles, and about the woman’s traditional role in the home.