Imperiet som föll och en Katt

January 2019

IMPERIET SOM FÖLL OCH EN KATT, by Julia Thimberg Silfwerling

Printed book: 9789188105400
E-book: 9789188105417

The world will go under, it’s inevitable. It will end and be rebuilt by the witch who survives her twelve siblings when history repeats itself.

But while the almost immortal witches play cat and rat at the expense of the mortals, Emperor Mares empire is threatened by a bloody civil war that risks tearing it apart. For half a millennium, the emperor has had absolute control, but times have changed and people have forgotten how their world was before he took the throne with his witch next to him. The peaceful times are fading away as an unexpected witness survives an imperial attack and a reluctant cat is forced into a war she does not want to be a part of.

For everyone involved, volunteers as involuntary, the world is turned upside down when the boundary between right and wrong is blurred. The Empire will fall and the world will end, the question is only who survives long enough to see the new world be born.