Göran Brohammer

Göran Brohammer, 62 years old. Lives his life in Gothenburg, West Sweden. Married and has three daughters, currently 3 grandchildren. Loves nature in all it’s forms. Aesthetically minded and was good at painting and drawing early on, and also wrote some. Won, among others, a poetry contest as a child. But life took a different path, and after a civil engineer education in machinery and energy, the choice was within the Swedish industry. After 10 years of such focus he then slipped over into the environmental area and was active in the area of ​​life cycle analyzes and environmental audits. After another 10 years, the career choice slipped into the area of ​​social responsibility and there he is still active today, even though he has partly started to take out his pension. Göran has written a few books before within the subject area environment.

As a consultant in the field of environment and social responsibility, he has traveled around the world for many years. The literary writing that has just begun fetches its inspiration in technology, nature and the environment, humanism and spirituality and the interaction between them.