Evelina Foxberg

My name is Evelina. I’m an illustrator and game designer from Stockholm who loves forests, dragons, seas, and other mysterious and marvelous things. I live with the bunnies Elton and Willow, who are my constant companions and inspiration! I hold a bachelor’s degree in both Biology and Game Design – during my education, I and four fellow students hosted the Swedish Game Awards 2017 Game Contest and was awarded the IGDA scholarship to go to the Game Design Conference 2017 in San Francisco. On the website http://www.FoxbergArt.com you will find more of my photos! As an illustrator, I work with book covers, illustrations for games, tattoo designs, posters, and logos. I have, among other things, done Lange Forlag’s logo as well as the illustrations in “Adam Stormstj√§rna och det forlorade arvet” that we released in 2016.