Camilla Nilsson

I was born into a dysfunctional family in the early 1970s Värmland, a time when mental illness, self-medication, and abuse was spoken very quietly about. However, I was lucky to end up in a class with nice classmates and highly competent educators. The other parents did what they could to help me and my brother. We went along to different summer cottages and other vacations so that we would not spend the entire summer vacation in our apartment in the small community. We learned early on to take the bike to bathing places and to play in the woods with all the freedom it entails. I am what you call a dandelion child. I have always searched for good people and borrowed security, from a friend’s dad’s arm or been taught crochet by someone else’s mother. That has continued into my adult life.

I have worked in healthcare, as an educator with children and young people and always had a desire to help others with difficulties in different ways. I have experienced close up what stress does to people. Both to others and myself.
Through my private and professional experience, I have now linked them to entrepreneurship that promotes recovery and the path to holistic health. I have a salutogenic approach where I clearly see how both the psychological and physical effects, but also how important the environment in which you live and work is. If you are in a place where you do not feel comfortable, then you will eventually get sick in one way or another.
I am very much addressed by evidence-based research while using my highly developed intuition when I work. To me, there is only one way to achieve happiness, health, and well-being and that is through your own heart.
It has become obvious for me to sort, compost and recycle. For many years now, I’ve eaten locally produced and organic as much as possible, exercised regularly and to thought kindly about myself. I also know how it is like do not do all these things, and that you can’t start doing all of them at once. I have an optimistic view of humanity and am convinced that the good always wins, sooner or later, but we must take care of our planet and we must do that now. One step at a time, through love for oneself, others and everything that lives and grows.