Bengt Rålin

My name is Bengt Rålin. For almost 40 years, I’ve had my career in ambulance care. I have often met with these vulnerable women in my work. At each occasion, I feel the same frustration, hopelessness and often anger when I met these often abused and depressed women, who are in the most diverse environments. These women you meet as much on the finest of villas, as in smaller status areas. These women’s hopeless calls for help usually look the same way. But the calls are rarely seen by neighbors, friends or even close relatives.

I myself have been married for forty years and we have three wonderful daughters together. Four grandchildren, all girls. Perhaps this is the reason my feelings are so obvious and direct when I meet these devastated women. But we all need to react. All of us should dare to see. Everyone should dare to get involved when these suspicions become obvious and clear. The reaction from the surroundings must come before the woman’s name is mentioned, in the news letter or on the internet.