Book of October 2018

The book of October is, De Goda Människornas Tystnad by Magnus Rörström Pellgaard.

A book about the Swedish justice system and what happens when a person gets prosecuted for something he didn’t do.
In these days anyone can acuse anyone for anything and don’t need to take any responsibility of that even if it’s lies. 
The person who is accused needs to prove his innocence of something that never happened. Justice isn’t always right and the verdicts destroys lives.

Book of September 2018

The book of September is, Utan Dig by Hillevi Söder

A mother’s story about her child’s suicide and the time that followed, about sadness, health problems and messages from the other side, but also about moving on to life and fulfilling dreams.

From the book:

On Monday it was time to visit the funeral office. Just after we had settled in the room, the lights went out for a short while, just like when we were talking to the therapist. Maybe it was a sign …

The visit there was the worst step so far. Imagine choosing a coffin for your child! It felt completely surreal. I was terrible and had difficulty crying. We sat there for three hours to decide what the ad would look like, what newspapers it would be published in, what coffin we should have, cremation or earth burial, when we chose cremation we would also choose the ones, which flowers should be on the coffin, where he would get his last resting place, where, when and how the funeral should go to etc. The last thing we did not succeed with, as the actual churches only take about 140 visitors and we thought there would be many more. The funeral agency promised to check options and we would do that too, so we would be talking again later this week.

Book of May 2018

Book of May, Upp och Ned by Cgarlotte Hector

This book is about a lot of pain and hatred, something that many people have in themselves.
It describes emotions during hard days of life. But also how everything suddenly can change, a big change in tiny steps.

You’re not alone.
One day at a time.
Small steps.
A small step is always a big step forward.

Book of December 2017

Book of December 2017 is Vägen till El Faouar by Harriette Sjödahl

Charlotte is reading French to forget everything she no longer wants to remember. It is said that the language is easier to understand in the Maghreb than in Paris and therefore she travels there. There, on the verge of the desert, an unknown world is waiting for her, filled with shadows and mystery. There is also Saïd, the man with hands dark of henna, who helps her on the camels. It is for him she tells what really happened, the evening of October when her son disappeared …
(Harriettes skript was our first skript we recived and now its published)

Book of April 2016

The book of April 2016 is Adam Stormstjärna och det förlorade arvet by Emil Karlsson

When Adam’s mom suddenly dies, his whole world turns upside down. He and his older brother Björn has to go live with his grandmother in Öland – something Adam does not look forward to. But after receiving a mysterious box in his mother’s inheritance, Adam accidentally is pulled into a struggle between good and evil that stretches all the way back to the Vikings age and he realizes that his life is not what it seems to be. Along with his brother and Alva – a new friend from the island – Adam must accept his destiny and go into a world full of magic and strange creatures, to fight evil and find out the truth about his lost legacy …