Adam Stormstjärna och det förlorade arvet

Adam Stormstar and the lost legacy

Adam Stormstar and the lost legacy, by Emil Karlsson

April 2016


Printed book: 978-91-88105-00-4

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Language: Swedish

784 pages



When Adam’s mom suddenly dies, his whole world turns upside down. He and his older brother Björn has to go live with his grandmother in Öland – something Adam does not look forward to. But after receiving a mysterious box in his mother’s inheritance, Adam accidentally is pulled into a struggle between good and evil that stretches all the way back to the Viking age and he realizes that his life is not what it seems to be. Along with his brother and Alva – a new friend from the island – Adam must accept his destiny and venture into a world full of magic and strange creatures, to fight evil and find out the truth about his lost legacy …

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Magic adventure

3 stars

Villivonkansbooks (Örebro), February 11,  2017

Adam and Bjorn's mother die and they move home to their grandmother on Öland. Adam is given mysterious ash to his mother. It is the beginning of mass events that start. It's good flow in the text, it drives one forward all the time. It is exciting with lots of mysterious events that keep the interest going all the time. A really magical adventure book for young book lovers. I think it would fit in very well among the borrowers at my job, a high school library.


5 stars

Linda Ismail, October 13, 2016

Adam Stormstjärna is a magnificent story that is thrilling and filled with mystery but still realistic. The characters and the environment depict Emil Karlsson very well.

Exciting with a high tempo and wonderful characters!

5 stars
Aina Danielsson, August 29, 2016

I ran into this book by accident; it appeared in the news feed on FB as an ad. I had not heard of either the book, author or publisher, but I thought it looked a little exciting. I looked through both the book's FB-page and the regular website and decided to order the book. I read a lot of books, but fantasy and adventure books hardly belong to my specialties, so it was still with quite low expectations I started reading this, but I was pleasantly surprised! From the first chapter, it is relatively high tempo throughout the book (which is almost 800 pages thick) and I am more or less absorbed by the story because it is exciting and you really want to know what will happen next. Almost every chapter ends with some form of a cliffhanger and it is difficult to put down the book.

I don't know what appeals to me right - maybe it is that this genre is a novelty for me and therefore it feels new and welcome (although the basic theme is probably basic fantasy 101) and the characters feel very interesting. Funny with two strong and brave female main characters too, in the form of the lead role of Adam's grandmother and his friend Alva (clearly my favorite) - in one way she feels almost more like the lead role/hero than Adam, which I only see as positive.

The book is about children (think they were 12-13 years old) who are thrown into a world of mystery and mysteries and it feels like the author really tries to make it feel like they are just children (they start crying, coping not of situations they end up in, etc) - they are not superhuman heroes from the start, which feels quite sensible if you ask me.

From now on, the book can be a bit scary and actually a little blood here and where, but nothing that I think should interfere with younger readers (but it may be good to know when to buy it).

In conclusion: I loved this book and have already bought one for my little sister in present (think after all that it might be mostly aimed at young people, even though I obviously liked it) and I really hope that I will read more about the characters in future. Stands on the book's website that it "comes soon", but you never know after all with smaller publishers. But hope you can :) The story is charming, has a high tempo, is exciting and the characters wonderful. Highly recommended!


Exciting Potter-style adventure book

5 stars
Julia K, June 2, 2016

Good and exciting adventure book, in the spirit of the Harry Potter books. Like the characters sharply, especially Alva (the lead's friend) and the boys' grandmother :) The book is pretty thick, but it was more or less really exciting from start to finish, so that was no problem. Actually, read it in just a few days.
It is also extra fun for us boroughs, as it largely takes place in Mörbylånga in southern Öland and the old sugar mill plays a big role. It should be the first book in a series so it will be fun to read the continuation!

Beautiful on the outside and inside

5 stars

Sarah, April 25, 2016

I gave this book as a gift and it was very much appreciated! My brother (13 years) loved it. Highly recommend it.

Rating: 4 out of 5

The first sentence of the book:
It is always difficult to say goodbye.

About the book:
When Adam's mother suddenly dies, his whole world is turned upside down. He is forced to move his grandmother Björn home to his grandmother on Öland - something Adam does not look forward to at all. But after receiving a mysterious box in the inheritance of his mother, Adam involuntarily pulled into a struggle between good and evil stretching back to the Viking Age, and he realizes that his life is not at all what it seems to be. Along with his brother and Alva - a newly-found friend from the island - Adam must accept his fate and enter a world full of magic and strange creatures, to fight evil and find out the truth about his lost legacy ...

My opinion:
An amazing & magical adventure!


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