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OPA = Our Precious Authors

Become a member of Lange Forlag and get a range of benefits!

    Don't hesitate to contact us regarding Your own OPA spot. The spots are exclusive and limited. It only costs 500DKK per month! Or sign up for a whole year straight away, and pay only for 10 months, 5000DKK. Save up to 1000DKK! See our great references from others! 

    For more information about OPA, please send us an email!


    The Gold Pen is an editorial & proofreading service in which the editor will scrutinize the manuscript from top to bottom. Those parts, sentences or words considered in need of change, will be marked, commonly by a comment from the editor, for the author to look through and change themselves. This feedback proceeded continuously from the beginning to the end, together with you. Summarized, The Gold Pen involves everything to make the manuscript ready for evolving into a book.

    The intended result is that all the manuscripts undergoing The Gold Pen will be most elaborate and professional.

    We only offer a limited amount of manuscripts. The Gold Pen and therefore the slots might already be filled or will be filled eventually. You can always email us to ask when the next slot will be available.

    The pen can not be canceled after the order. (when you say yes to the offer)


    The Ghost Pen is an offer we have for those scripts that don’t exist yet. If you have an idea or desire to make a book or a memoir, but don't want to write it yourself and need professional help, we can help you for sure.

    It will be done with interviews and close contact with you all through the project. The book, memoir or whatever you want to write, is yours after the project but written by a professional writer. Co-writing is also an option.

    The easiest way to find out more about The Ghost Pen is to contact us, as different projects will have different solutions.

    “Te supervenisse!” – “You have arrived!”

    Why look further for someone who can realize Your dream, when we at Lange Forlag can do it!

    Lange Forlag is a completely independent International publishing house receiving and works with manuscripts in Swedish, English, and Danish.

    We can offer everything regarding book production! We call ourselves an exclusive publisher and have chosen to have a small volume of publishing per year, focusing on high quality, stories and writers we are passionate about, with the goal of achieving long-term partnerships. Our hope is that once you receive a contract with us, you will have a desire to write more and stay with us. We focus on having close, open contacts with all our authors, which we see each as equally important, and we are happy to spend time and commitment to You. We believe that everyone has a story within, which is worth listening to. Everyone has something to bring to the world. Fiction as non-fiction! With our help and close cooperation between us, Your dream can also be realized! That’s what we’re passionate about!

    We offer different services and arrange courses focusing on the publication of scripts. You can also hire us for external services. We read, work, and publishing books in English, Danish, and Swedish.

    We publish books that matter and live forever.

    Manuscripts are only received by email

    Our Story

    2013 - Linda Svendsen started our family-owned publishing house in Autumn 2013, with only her self managing everything. The name Lange Forlag was created as an inspiration from our legacy, where our ancestor has been located since year 900 and with Gorm den Gamle as one of the first in line. Gorm, and Thyra Danneborg and their son Harald Blåtand are our family in a direct line. Lange is from our family's side and the logo is from our family shield. It didn't take long until our very first manuscript dropped in our email. The name on the script was "Som att ta av sig sina sandaler" and the script is now published in the name "Vägen till El Faouar".

    2015 - Linda and her children left Sweden and traveled and lived in France, Spain, Portugal, and Denmark in a camper and successfully ran our publishing business in the camper. On that journey, we published two books and signed up for several new author contracts. Our business grew and new ideas were processed and one person became two when Ted joined the business. Ted is Linda's son.   

    2017 - after living and running a business in a camper for almost 2 years, we decide to settle down, to have a headquarter for the business, in Denmark. Here we first rented a house and continued our growing business.

    2018 - after one year in the rented house, we bought our own farm. It is located in a peaceful nature that we currently are renovating. Our plans are big and our patience is bigger. The farm is just a short trip outside the popular and busy city, Frederikshavn, with a connection to both Sweden, Norway, and Europe. This is a good spot to run an international business.

    Between 2013-2020 we have published seventeen books in twenty-six different forms. 




    Linda is the founder of Lange Forlag and have an sharp eye and great experience in  text and projects.



    Estelle is an artist and makes both pictures inside the books and book covers. She also reads scripts.



    Ted is the amazing person behind our book covers and he is also amazing at reading and consulting manuscripts.



    Evelina is a talented illustrator that do both book covers and illustrator inside our books.


    Thyra is a trainee at us and takes pictures, helps us with social media and more. She is also a great Chef and makes our lovely lunches!




    Hillevi is our rock that handle our storage in Sweden. She is also an author at our book publishing company.


    This is just a few of all our reviews. For more reviews please check our social media.


    “I have been involved with Linda since the beginning of this year, 2018 in my own novel project. She has been friendly and cooperative and the partnership feels professional and flexible. I can fully recommend her.”

    Göran Brohammer


    "Linda har ett inkännande sätt och för en fin dialog. Jag har inte gett ut böcker hos henne men fått stöd i min skrivprocess. Linda arbetar nära sina författare och gör noga utval. Är du i starten och behöver lektörshjälp, stöd i processen eller vill ge ut så vänd dig gärna till Lange Forlag ett mindre och personligt förlag med stort hjärta."

    Charlotta Lagerberg-Thunes


    "Thank you, Ted and Estelle, for the beautiful book cover to the book "Det började med Barnet", it's amazing and just the way I wanted it!"

    Ethel Hedström


    “Linda has taken good care of me as a new writer. She is helpful and professional and I can highly recommend her. I’m looking forward to the release of my book in September."

    Hillevi Söder


    "Jag ska ge ut min debut bok genom Lindas förlag, Lange förlag. Jag har fått ett bra och trevligt bemötande och ser mycket fram emot ett vidare samarbete!"

    Magnus Rörström Pellgaard


    "Linda är en sann person som utgår ifrån varje unika persons historia. Intresset för berättelser tagna ur den lilla människans livshistoria och livsperspektiv får varje människa hon kommer i kontakt med att växa ... växa och tro på sig själv. Att ”se” mellan raderna och bortom orden för att ”på riktigt” lära känna individen bakom livets alla roller tillhör Lindas storhet!"

    Jonas Appelgren


    "Oj, oj oj. WOW!. Jag behöver inte skriva mer än så, va? Men för säkerhets skull, så att det inte blir några missförstånd ... WOW, WOW, WOW. Så snyggt. Jag älskar omslaget. Älskar.

    Du är grym, Ted."

    Daniel Sjöberg


    "Under vårt samarbete med mitt bokmanus har Linda visat stort engagemang och hon har kommit med många möjliga lösningar på problem som vi stött på under vårt gemensamma arbete med texten. Linda är en väldigt kompetent redaktör med utmärkt öga för detaljer, hon är professionell och positiv. Jag kan rekommendera alla som söker en samarbetspartner i förlagsbranschen att kontakta Linda. "

    Ethel Hedström


    “Thank you, Linda Svendsen, for your comprehensive booklet! You have really gone through my text in-depth, and it feels so professional and absolutely wonderful. I will get started and work immediately. You don’t understand how much I appreciate your commitment and your comments. It feels great to collaborate with someone who sees opportunities instead of difficulties, someone who is also able to manage such a big project. From the very first contact with you at Lange Forlag, I knew that you was quite right for me.”


    We offer all You need to become an author.

    Our Passion is languages, adventures, history, books, and stories. We help others become Authors. Our Promise is that we are here for you. Let's write together and make dreams come true.

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            October 2020

    Book release: I vasatidens skugga, Magnus Rörström Pellgaard

             November 23, 2020

    Book release: Simons äventyr, Christina Henricson

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